Mission and Vision

Headquartered in the State of Vaud, Kinntek Sàrl was founded in November 2016. The company develops and markets smart engineering solutions for rehabilitation of patients temporarily or chronically suffering from disorders and conditions affecting the mobility of their musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, and joints).

The long-term goal is to offer a wide range of products adaptable to the customers’ specific needs. The portable solutions will be available on the Kinntek’s e-shop, for healthcare professionals, as well as for individuals. If requested, customers can benefit from a customized consulting service where they are located. By networking with complementary partners such as hospitals, physician practices, physiotherapy/ergotherapy groups and manufacturers of medical devices, Kinntek not only will position itself as an expert biomedical engineering firm for personal mobility, but also will create a strong relationship with its customer base by promoting proximity. The company’s R&D department will develop and market its own products as a complementary offer to the online-retailed products.

Each project developed by Kinntek’s R&D, such as hAPPy pursues 3 goals:

  • increase the company network
  • acquire experience and knowledge
  • generate revenues for both Kinntek’s growth and reinvestment in other R&D projects


KIN - originates from the ancient Greek kinetikos, which means “moving, putting in motion” Motion is life! Being confronted with a disorder or a condition that hampers the body’s motion affects the quality of life of the person who might be suffering from pain and discomfort. Therefore, Kinntek’s main mission consists of helping the patient recover faster with a better outcome, while simplifying the rehabilitation process for them and his/her healthcare provider.

INN - relates to innovation. More than a mindset, Kinntek is an innovative center in solving technical issues, but also in the way of fostering relationships with our team members, customers and partners.

TEK - an abbreviation for technology. Every day at Kinntek, technology will be employed in the service of people, by developing customizable solutions, while fostering collaboration and communication between patient, healthcare professional and technology provider.


Elisa Munafò Pannatier is the founder and CEO of Kinntek Sàrl. She is a biomedical engineer (University of Bern and Bern University of Applied Sciences). After working several years in different international medtech companies based in Switzerland, she decided to found her own company. Her domains of expertise are: project/business management, research and development of implantable and non-implantable medical devices.

Anke Bossen graduated from the EPFL in micro engineering. Before joining Kinntek as the CTO, she worked in academic research and development of integrated systems. Currently working in parallel at the Federal Institute of Meteorology (METAS), she brings her expertise in optics, sensors, programming, as well as management of academic partnerships.

The founder - CEO is supported by an advisory board of about 10 people belonging to different domains of expertise as varied as fascinating. Their motivation and support (both financial and man-hours) helps in decision making process as well as getting access to their own professional network.

 Strategic Relationships

Since our installation in the Y-START business incubator based in the heart of the Y-PARC in Yverdon-les-Bains, we started creating and cultivating partnerships in order to accelerate the development of our business. This network forms a conglomerate of industrial and academic partners with complementary competences and increases in breadth day after day.


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Kinntek Sàrl

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